Once upon a time…


So this one time I was sitting on the train, doing my thaaaang, drawing my exact vision… what evz. YOLO. and I stopped and thought to myself…… “who the hell could be bothered drawing all of this, in my drawn book again ?” and then I answered myself, “I’ll tell you who… NOBODY !” So then I asked myself again, “what am I gonna do ?” …….right at that point some dude walked past me and dropped a note in my lap. I opened it and realized that he saw me drawing so he drew me a picture too ! So I took his note (but not his picture because that is just too damn good) and I wrote it in my drawn paper. The end.


Just wanna wish everybody luck before handing in their travel grants tomorrow 😀
I don’t know about yous, but I’m pretty excited!!!!

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the point where the virtual world and reality merge into one to create a three-dimensional computer-programmed reality. While being a part of the mixed reality users are able to manipulate objects and create scenes. To be a part of it you must use and understand technology, much like everything nowadays except on a much higher level.

Using mixed reality, people are able to use goggles to walk in the shoes of another character to do anything in the world! From sky diving, to flying a helicopter, to robbing a bank, to even dying. This is used in Oculus Rift games. Thanks to mixed reality we can experience all of these things in such a realistic way everything will look like you’re actually there. Depending on how advanced your technology is you might possibly even feel or smell like you’re experiencing it first hand too. But how do you know that that is actually what it smells like? WHO CARES! You don’t have to leave your house to live a fun adventurous life! Instead you can live a fake one and become obese (thumbs up).

So what is the point in even leaving your house when you can do all these things in a virtual world from your own home? Oh yeah, that’s right… YOU DON’T HAVE TO! People now live second lives on the Internet leaving nothing but time in their first life for more time in their second life. Users make virtual friends and have a virtual conversation to virtually catch up for some virtual coffee. “How do they pay for it?” you say? With their virtual money they make from their virtual job. In your second life you can look like what ever you like! You may think you’re talking to a green polka dot zebra, but behind all screens you’re probably talking to an obese man who hasn’t left his house since 2040. Because HEY! This is our future baby!

Artists use mixed reality to create art exhibitions, which can only be seen through a camera on an app on your mobile phone. Just when we thought people already spend enough time with their eyes glued to a screen, artists make it compulsory that they do that, otherwise you’re missing out on the show. Because who cares about reality right? We’ve got a whole virtual life on the Internet where I’m a talking zebra!

Mixed reality is magnetic to a persons appeal. I will admit, its cool. But everything is cool when it’s new. And then it upgrades and it becomes obsessive. But what’s wrong with the good old-fashioned technology where all we needed was phone calls, text messages and a cute little dangly key chain? People travel from one place to another and miss the whole ride because they’re distracted by their gossip feeding social media. Soon enough there won’t even be a ride because you just do it all virtually. PEOPLE AREN’T EVEN GONNA KNOW WHAT THE WORLD LOOKS LIKE ANY MORE! When we die, will we just come back to life with one less life until we go out and find a little floating heart? Where does the difference end?

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